Future events and dissemination activities

EVENT LOCATION DATE ERA Congress​ Stockholm, Sweden 23-26 May 2024 Lecture series Amsterdam University Medical Centre – Amsterdam, Netherlands tba CliMigHealth research network​ Belgium tba Vlaamse Commissie Duurzaam Hoger Onderwijs​ Belgium tba Flemish commission sustainable higher education​ Belgium tba Flemish working group on Climate and…

Past events and dissemination activities

EVENT LOCATION GREENER conference Erasmus Medical Centre – Rotterdam, Netherlands Green Healthcare Festival ​ Delft, Netherlands Multiplier Event at the European Congress of Tropical Medicine and International Health Utrecht, Netherlands ‘Planetary Health European Convening’ symposium hosted by Planetary Health Alliance Virtual Lectures University…

What is ePlanet based on?

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Climate change has been identified as the biggest health threat of the 21st century. Health professionals' unique position as mediators between policy, science and practice makes them well-placed to effect changes on an individual and systemic level to reduce the ecological footprint.