Competency profile

Photo by Matthew Montrone:

7 competencies that ePlanet wants to promote:

  1. Interrelatedness / systems thinking 

The interaction between human health and the environment on the individual, local, and global level. 

  1. The Anthropocene and health  

Health impacts of climate change. Environmental drivers of ill health. 

  1. Prevention (healthy lifestyle, climate/environmental mitigation and adaption)  

The ways that healthcare professionals and facilities can prepare for and respond to climate/environment-related health risks. 

  1. Advocacy 

Environmental stewardship. Motivated to make a positive contribution. 

  1. Social justice / equity 

Public health. Health practices which simultaneously addresses equity and sustainability. 

  1. Worldview / perspectives and self-reflection  

Explore your own thinking and action in relation to sustainable development and seek to understand those of others. 

  1. Envisioning and shaping a sustainable and healthy future 

Able to imagine beyond current practice/society. Also known as ‘futuring’.