The Planetary Health Education Framework

Promoting human health and prosperity while preserving the environment that allows us to thrive!

The Planetary Health Education Framework

Guzmán et al., 2021 The Lancet Planetary Health

The ePlanet programme moves in line with the planetary health education framework.

It has two primary purposes: To inspire people worldwide toward fostering a healthy ecosystem, and to guide the learning of those committed to addressing and bringing change to the complex planetary health challenges of our world today!

The 5 domains
The framework incorporates five base domains that are believed to comprise the essence of planetary health knowledge, values, and practice: 

  1. interconnection within Nature
  2. the Anthropocene and health
  3. equity and social justice
  4. movement building and systems change
  5. systems thinking and complexity.

Get informed!

Read the Commentary published by The Lancet Planetary Health on Earth Day 2021.